CINDERELLA (2015): Cate Blanchett Is Who…? Watch It And Delight!

Cinderella (2015), Cate Blanchett
Cinderella (2015), Cate Blanchett

The following aren’t words that would ordinarily come out of my mouth, but lately, ‘I’ve been hankering  for a Cinderella movie remake‘.

And now, with Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother, is there a better way to do it? I can hear everyone’s resounding ‘NO, of course not!‘ all at once and I like it.

Cinderella is simply one of the best fairy tales out there, if not the best. Not because of the famous romance, mind you. But rather thanks to the story of triumph over the unkind and cruel. Particularly when one triumphs without sacrificing one’s character and principles.

I’ve watched the trailer a very high number of times and the great music is a huge part of the reason:

Bring on March 2015!

Happy Film Loving:-)


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