HITCH (2005) The Two Best Scenes

Hitch (2005), Will Smith, Eva Mendes
Hitch (2005), Will Smith, Eva Mendes

Will Smith and Kevin James were well cast in their roles for 2005’s romantic comedy, Hitch. Smith, a Date Doctor/Consultant and James, the ‘dating-life challenged’ singleton in desperate need of professional help.

Hitch works, in the most part because of the excellent chemistry between the two male leads. I had no issue at all with the film… that is until the last 20 minutes, by which I mean what happens romantically between Mendes and Smith’s characters.

Those last 20 minutes left me unable to recall another time when an element of a story felt so incredible forced. I just couldn’t buy it. The issue isn’t that what happened actually happened, but it’s the way it was written and executed.

It’s always a shame when something that takes place in a film completely forces you to remember that the people on screen are definitely ‘pretending’ because it doesn’t feel as real and realistic as it ought to.

Thankfully however, the memory of the films two funniest scenes will continue to shine bright in my memory. Kevin James’ show stopping dance moves and that little issue with the crayfish. Watch Hitch to experience those moments.

Directed by Andy Tennant; Eva Mendes and Amber Valletta also star.

Hitch (2005), Will Smith, Kevin James
Hitch (2005), Will Smith, Kevin James
Hitch (2005), Will Smith
Hitch (2005), Will Smith

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