SONG ONE (2014): For Anne Hathaway & Folk-Rock Music Fans

Song One (2014), Johnny Flynn, Anne Hathaway
Song One (2014), Johnny Flynn, Anne Hathaway

What I can confirm first and foremost is that Song One is well-acted and definitely not the kind of feel good romantic comedy that you may be expecting. It is indeed a hopeful drama but it’s also quite dull and depressing in parts.

The film, written and directed by Kate Barker-Froyland starts with a 19 year-old musician played by Ben Rosenfield getting hit by a car. His sister (Anne Hathaway), in trying to do everything she can to help end his comatose state, starts a relationship with his favourite musician, James Forrester (Johnny Flynn).

This is one you watch if the story and themes mentioned above intrigue you. Another reason would be if you’re more than just a casual fan of Hathaway and / or folk-rock music. Otherwise it’s likely that you’ll find yourself checking the time after hitting play – and more than once.

I enjoyed the sibling relationship aspect of the story most. Lastly, ‘In April’ and ‘Little Yellow Dress’ are my favourite tracks from the soundtrack.

Happy Song One 🙂


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