SONG ONE (2014): For Anne Hathaway & Folk-Rock Music Fans

Song One (2014), Johnny Flynn, Anne Hathaway
Song One (2014), Johnny Flynn, Anne Hathaway

I can confirm that Song One is well-acted and definitely not the kind of feel good romantic comedy that you may be expecting. It’s a hopeful drama but also quite dull and depressing.

The film, written and directed by Kate Barker-Froyland starts with a 19 year-old musician played by Ben Rosenfield getting hit by a car. His sister (Anne Hathaway), in trying to do everything she can to help end his comatose state, crosses paths and starts a relationship with his favourite musician, James Forrester (Johnny Flynn).

Watch it if the themes mentioned above intrigue you and if you’re more than just a casual fan of Anne Hathaway and/ or folk-rock music; otherwise you may find yourself checking the time after hitting play at least once.

I enjoyed the sibling relationship plot line most. ‘In April’ and ‘Little Yellow Dress’ are my favourite tracks from the soundtrack.

Happy Song One 🙂


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