GRANDMA (2015): For The Comedy & No Nonsense Grandmother

Grandma (2015),  Julia Garner, Lily Tomlin,
Grandma (2015), Julia Garner, Lily Tomlin,

Written and directed by Paul Weitz, Grandma is a comedy/ drama that follows a troubled, no nonsense grandmother played by Lily Tomlin, as she tries to help her teenage granddaughter with a time-sensitive personal crisis.

Also starring Nat Wolff, Judy Greer, Julia Garner and Marcia Gay Harden, I enjoyed this movie as a well written and acted production. A lot of the humour comes from Tomlin’s troubled and acerbic grandma character plus the encounters she has with people. People including her family, strangers and friends.

By the end, I found myself thinking about whether the so-called ‘great mother / daughter relationship’ is actually a myth. My conclusion is that nothing is perfect. Families face challenging times together and they make a decision to reach a resolution or not. Some people face bigger challenges than others which can make resolutions less likely.

Watch Grandma because it’s a good movie, well paced and it will make you grateful for everyone that has ever been there for you in your time of great need, including those you didn’t even know you needed until you had them there.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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