THE DANISH GIRL (2015): For The Story Of Courage…

The Danish Girl (2015), Eddie Redmayne
The Danish Girl (2015), Eddie Redmayne

Directed by Tom Hooper, The Danish Girl is a love story based on a book of the same name by  David Ebershoff. The lives of real people / artists in the 1930s, Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener is at the centre of Hooper’s film. We meet the pair in the lead up to the point that Lili’s journey into becoming a transgender pioneer begins.

Considering the movie’s subject matter and the period in which The Danish Girl is set, you’d be right to assume that life was not easy for Lili long before and especially the moment she decided to be her true self. I find myself very glad to have been exposed to Lili and Gerda’s story at a time when, though very slowly indeed, humanity would appear to be moving in the right direction –  at least as far as the LGBTQ cause is concerned. Everything feels more hopeful as a result.

Performance-wise, though Eddie Redmayne disappointed me with what I’ve come to describe as the career blip of a movie that was Jupiter Ascending (2014). He’s of course still great thanks to The Theory Of Everything (2014) and now, The Danish Girl.

The Danish Girl (2015), Alicia Vikander
The Danish Girl (2015), Alicia Vikander

In her role as Gerder Wegener, I was impressed by Alicia Vikander’s performance. I only wish that I could say that I feel the same about her character’s wigs. Last but absolutely not least, Matthias Schoenearts. It’s simple really; I knew this after watching The Drop  (2014) but I absolutely must watch more of his movies. His work in he Danish Girl is perfectly measured. May we all be blessed with a friend as wise and thoughtful as his character, Hans.

My favourite part of the film overall is the ending. To say more would be to spoil, so if you haven’t already, watch it because it’s worthy.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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