MOONLIGHT (2016): The Things I Loved…

Moonlight (2016), Trevante Rhodes
Moonlight (2016), Trevante Rhodes

There are a number of reasons to like 2017 Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight. The beautiful cinematography, faultless performances and a timely telling of a very important story are just three of them.

Thanks to Barry Jenkins’ very personal movie, I now know of Mahershala Ali, a very skilled actor whose Moonlight character Juan isn’t even in the movie throughout but there’s no forgetting him; if only for all that Ali was able to expertly convey, especially through his eyes.

Moonlight is a coming of age story about the childhood, adolescence and burgeoning adulthood of a young, African-American gay man growing up in a rough neighbourhood in Miami. It’s a film that reminded me of the very important and often pivotal role that the kindness of a stranger / strangers can have in our lives.

Watch it because it’s a story beautifully told and you too may find yourself remembering the perfect strangers that may have helped you become all that you’re grateful to be.

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