HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER(2017): The Thing I Liked…

How To Be A Latin Lover (2017), Eugenio Derbez, Rob Lowe
How To Be A Latin Lover (2017), Eugenio Derbez, Rob Lowe

Starring Salma Hayek  Eugenio Derbez and Rob Lowe, How To Be Latin Lover is a movie I watched because I adore Salma Hayek, I was curious about Eugenio Derbez and the trailer amused me.

How To Be A Latin Lover centres around Derbez’s character – Maximo; a man who’s forged a career out of seducing rich older women. Unfortunately for him, however, his 25 year marriage just ended and with nowhere else to go, he finds himself living with his estranged sister.

Quite early in the movie, I realised precisely how the story was going to go. A lot of what I realised could have been guessed during the trailer; only, I was far too busy being amused. I stayed with the movie until the end because of the reasons I already mentioned – but additionally, I happened to be in the mood for a film that didn’t require too much from me. The often silly humour was OK. Though, the ending did seem to come about quite abruptly – and in a way I wasn’t fully expecting. Overall, I can say I regret nothing because I knew what I’d signed up for. My love of Hayek remains and Derbez… He’s OK.

I can’t say that I picture myself telling people ‘you simply must see this,’ but I do see myself at some point in the future, referencing the scene in the trailer with the shoe dye and the pool. 

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7 thoughts on “HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER(2017): The Thing I Liked…”

    1. My dear Steve, Thank you for being honest in your review of my ‘review.’ The thing is, I don’t think the movie sucks. I’ve kind of updated my last two paragraphs to be a little less subtle in the way I say I don’t think it sucks. I know that a fair amount of people think it’s not a great movie and I understand why.

      I was amused in parts but the story is mostly very predictable. Nevertheless, I didn’t mind continuing to watch it because I was in the mood for an ‘easy viewing’ movie, in the sense that it’s not that great but I don’t mind watching it for the sometimes somewhat memorable amusement it provides. I really found it to be just OK.

      Please always feel free to be as honest as your comment here, if not more so. 😊

      1. I hope I didn’t come across too harsh, I meant my comment in a lighthearted manner. I have a gruff humor at times which can be lost in print, especially with people who don’t know me. It just seemed to me you were holding back.

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