HAMPSTEAD (2017): The Thing I Liked…

Hampstead (2017), Diane Keaton, Grendan Gleeson
Hampstead (2017), Diane Keaton, Grendan Gleeson

Hampstead is a story of unexpected love between a widow and a man who is technically homeless but not quite. It’s also a film you can watch without having to work too hard. The acting isn’t terrible and the story, though predictable, it moved along quite nicely and provided some small moments of amusement.

What I enjoyed most about Hampstead is the fact that Hampstead is a real place and one of the the most beautiful parts of London, England. It was great to see the beauty of Hampstead captured so well. Particularly during spring and summer.

Should I find myself watching it again, it will likely be so I can experience Hampstead the place, on film once more. It’s worth it for that.

Another reason you may watch could be if you’re a big fan of Keaton and or Gleeson. Otherwise it’s an OK romance/comedy.

For me at least,  It’s Complicated (2009) is still probably my favourite of the ‘mature romance’ category.

Happy Film Loving


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