HEY, ARNOLD! – THE JUNGLE MOVIE (2017): The Thing I Liked…

Hey Arnold - The Jungle Movie (2017)
Hey Arnold – The Jungle Movie (2017)

I‘m quite happy to report that the experience of watching Hey, Arnold! – The Jungle Movie wasn’t too much like the regrettable experience of re-watching The Never Ending Story; a children’s film that I adored as a child and one that should have been left firmly in my childhood.

As promised, this follow-up to the TV series Hey, Arnold finally tells the story of young Arnold’s parents. And and the writers made that part adequately interesting. A younger me certainly would have enjoyed Hey, Arnold! – The Jungle Movie quite a bit more than my grown up self. Luckily, I still had some fun because my favourite thing about the series was always the humour. And the humour in this movie, though, dare I say isn’t as sophisticated as my tastes have indeed become, but it’s still pretty timeless.

I don’t know that I ever had a favourite Hey, Arnold character, but now I’m certain that it’s Helga and her undying, yet completely unrequited love for dear ‘football head.’ Especially the way she verbalises her feelings when she thinks no one is around to hear her.

To satisfy your curiosity about the football headed one’s parents and to reminisce about your relatively carefree days, feel free to hit that play button on this one and see how you like it. But definitely be warned, you probably won’t be as in love as you once were… unlike our dear Helga.

Happy Film Loving


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