THE WEEK OF (2018): It’s…

The Week Of (2018), Allison Strong, Adam Sandler, Rachel Dratch
The Week Of (2018), Allison Strong, Adam Sandler, Rachel Dratch

I tried. I really tried to stick it out with The Week Of but I’m afraid I had to bail.

The one thing I enjoyed about the forty five minutes I could actually sit through is the opening music. The music gave me hope which unfortunately turned out to be misplaced.

The portion of the film I managed to sit through felt very much like one of the early, very early rehearsals before any of the delivery was polished enough for public consumption. The storytelling, editing, pacing and jokes all left me with plenty to be desired.  Maybe I’ve seen too many well delivered jokes in my film viewing experience, that none of the cliches are funny any more, especially when not executed well.

One of the most annoying things in a film or comedy is when a joke is dragged out for too long. There were a few moments there, where I thought, ‘we get the intended joke. Please cut this annoying scene already and move on’.

There’s one particular actor who really over did it with her performance to disastrously unfunny proportions. However, of all the sins this film committed, the worst of it may be that it made a handful of usually effective comedy actors look pretty bad and unskilled; Rachel Dratch being one example.

I think it’s time I accept that Sandler’s best work may well be far behind him. The Week Of is absolutely at the very bottom of all the Adam Sandler movies I’ve ever seen. It’s also the only one I couldn’t sit through to the very end.

Watch it ONLY if you absolutely must. Otherwise go watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) Instead.

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