EXTINCTION (2018): The Thing I Liked…

Extinction (2018), Michael Peña
Extinction (2018), Michael Peña

Directed by Ben Young and starring Michael Peña, Mike Colter and Lizzy Caplan, Extinction is a Netflix sci-fi thriller where a father’s recurring nightmare showing his family in grave danger becomes a reality.

What I’d really have loved to write at this point is that the tide has finally turned and at last we have a really good Netflix movie. Instead, the very best I can really say about Extinction is that the film’s full premise which quite rightly isn’t really completely revealed to the audience until towards the last third of the movie is exciting. When the revelation did finally come, I certainly hoped that I would have been more delighted.

The acting isn’t bad but the reason I found the all important revelation very underwhelming has a lot to do with the story / structure and the budget. I feel as though the story needed more development, particularly in regards to how a thriller could still be thrilling considering the unavoidable constraints linked to the specific nature of the story and the nature of the main characters involved. In that way perhaps Extinction wouldn’t have felt quite as hollow as it did to me.

I’m disappointed because instead of celebrating the film’s great execution, I’m left wondering how good such an exciting and relevant idea could have been in the hands of different people.

Watch it if you must. Otherwise there’s Minority Report (2002), which isn’t particularly similar to Extinction, but it is undoubtedly good.

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