YOU ME AND HIM (2017): The Thing I Liked…

You, Me & Him (2017), Lucy Punch, David Tennant
You, Me & Him (2017), Lucy Punch, David Tennant

You, Me and Him is just what I thought it would be, an adequately charming British comedy that put a smile on my face on a day when I didn’t want my movie choice to ask too much of me.  

Starring Lucy Punch, Faye Marsay and David Tennant, the story centres around a lesbian couple who both end up making rather bad decisions because both parties are not exactly in the same place regarding the question of having children. Things get even more complicated when their Scottish neighbour befriends them. 

Though the film was awkward at first, I enjoyed the unique story and general Britishness of director Daisy Aitkens’s film. There’s also Tennant’s beard, a.k.a, the other thing that drew me to this movie, I’m glad to say it did not let me down.

Overall, I wouldn’t call You Me and Him the best British comedy I’ve seen in a while. I found Finding Your Feet (2017) to be that little bit more charming. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean I won’t remember You Me and Him for enlightening me to the truth of just how good pink hair looks with grey eyes.

Watch it for the easy viewing experience, and the charm.

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