GRETA (2018): It’s…

Greta (2018), Chloë Grace Moretz, Focus Features
Greta (2018), Chloë Grace Moretz, Focus Features

Greta, a Neil Jordan directed drama/thriller about Frances (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young woman who befriends a lonely widow and lives to regret it is a film I’d really hoped to enjoy. 

Also starring Isabelle Huppert and Maika Monroe, the experience of watching Jordan’s movie left me wanting for a more thrilling, even, clever, better-written and structured film.

It’s odd but I think that the idea of Greta’s lunacy along with the idea of the nature of the scary things that were happening actually proved more terrifying than the result of what the acting and the way the story is told really made me feel. 

Performance-wise, I unfortunately still find Moretz’s acting to be generally quite awkward. Huppert didn’t perform terribly but I don’t think the surface level feel of the script helped her much either. 

The few glimmers of hope in this otherwise mostly disappointingly executed film include the clever set-up that leads to the syringe scene and the dancing that immediately followed. Reason being, this is when we get a little glimpse into the extent of Greta’s ‘crazy’, even though it’s never properly explained. The other kind of highlight is the moments in the film that ‘play on Frances’s reality.’

Overall, besides reminding me of ‘stranger danger’, especially in a big city like New York, Greta confirmed that everyone really ought to be aware of their own vulnerabilities. Especially if people close to you haven’t helped to lovingly point them out.

Watch it, if you’re really curious.

Happy Film Loving 


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