MURDER MYSTERY (2019): The Things I Liked…

Murder Mystery (2019), Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Netflix
Murder Mystery (2019), Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Netflix

There’s no denying that Murder Mystery, the latest movie from Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler gave me some laughs. The Kyle Newacheck directed comedy about an American couple who find themselves framed for murder while on a European vacation definitely brought the Sandler / Aniston on screen magic. 

To elaborate, even though the murder investigation scenes barely proved engaging, I really liked the moments when it was just Aniston and Sandler’s characters talking to each other. Their comedy dynamic as a married couple is great. In fact, I’m almost certain that if Murder Mystery had just been Aniston and Sandler’s characters finally taking a vacation in Europe; bickering among themselves, enjoying and learning about the billionaire lifestyle but definitely minus the murder mystery elements, I’d probably have liked this movie that much more.

There was indeed room for the murder mystery to be better executed or perhaps that portion of this story just proved too cliché for me to appreciate. Nevertheless, I have no regrets because of the moments I did enjoy. Moments that also include the joke on the plane about the alternative earplug suggestion, and the scenes with Aniston and / or Sandler that featured Luke Evans’s very charming Charles Cavendish character. 

Last but not least, one more key highlight is when I saw British comic David Walliams show up on screen. A truly joy-inducing moment for me personally because his character transported me back to the times when I watched his great work in the BBC’s hit comedy series Little Britain. 

I say watch Murder Mystery if you’re curious about the highlights mentioned above. Maybe you’ll love it all even though I couldn’t.

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