IN THE TALL GRASS (2019): The Things I Liked…

In The Tall Grass (2019), Laysla De Oliveira, Netflix

The story of In The Tall Grass centres around a sister and brother who venture into a vast field of tall grass, only to discover that there may be no way out.

Based on a novella that’s co-written by Stephen King, director Vincenzo Natali’s drama / horror / thriller definitely starts off with promise. It then goes on to deliver some quite satisfying twists and turns, but ultimately ends up losing its way and becoming more watchable than memorable.

Part of the reason I didn’t find In The Tall Grass to be great overall is that the story doesn’t come together in a way that made me fully buy into it all. Nevertheless, I do have a favourite thing about this movie and that is the performance by talented young actor Will Buie Jr. who plays Tobin. Also, is it just me who thinks that Buie Jr. kind of resembles Michael Douglas somehow? I digress.

Though In The Tall Grass is definitely not the best drama / horror / thriller of 2019, it’s also not the worst; nor is it ‘nightmare inducing scary’. Give it a chance if you’re so curious.

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