HOLIDAY RUSH (2019) The Thing I Liked…

Holiday Rush (2019), Netflix
Holiday Rush (2019), Netflix

Starring Sonequa Martin-Green, Romany Malco and La La Anthony, I was initially drawn to Holiday Rush for the festive theme, the decorations (which were OK) and hopefully a good story of someone making their way back after a setback.

Story-wise, I like the general outline of the way popular radio DJ Rush Williams (Malco) managed to bounce back after suffering a career disappointment. And I’m not mad at how, like almost every Christmas themed movie with a focus on family, love and togetherness, Holiday Rush had its own version of a ‘Christmas miracle.’ Meaning that everything came together in the end, just in time for December 25th.

My issue is with the execution. Director Leslie Small’s story relied quite a bit on the usual cliches to build the story and move things along, sometimes in a way that unfortunately felt rushed and contrived in places. Acting-wise, Malco and Martin-Green didn’t do badly. The story edit just didn’t help anyone overall.

At a push, the brief musical performance towards the end is likely my favourite thing about Holiday Rush.

If you’re super curious, Netflix is where it’s at.

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