HORSE GIRL (2020): The Things I Liked…

Horse Girl (2020), Alison Brie, Netflix
Horse Girl (2020), Alison Brie, Netflix

Knowing at the start that Horse Girl is the story of a single woman losing her grip on reality, as soon as I saw and heard Allision Brie’s sweet and innocent looking character Sarah, one thing became clear right way. ‘Comfortable’ definitely isn’t the word to best describe the viewing experience of director Jeff Baena’s latest drama.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t make time for Baena’s film. For Horse Girl is an intimate and certainly notable depiction of the unfairness and tragedy of mental illness close up. 

Watching Horse Girl means finding yourself at the centre of very awkward situations, as experienced by its vulnerable protagonist. Yet it’s worth it for Brie’s memorable performance. As uncomfortable as I found myself watching Sarah’s life unfold, I knew it was’t anything compared to the experience of those who love her. 

My overall favourite thing about Horse Girl is of course Brie’s performance. Another highlight is the smart editing and the humour at Sarah’s impromptu birthday party of four. A memorable mini festival of harmless discomfort that will put several smiles on your face. 

As for the ending… it’s not my favourite part and I have a question or two. Nonetheless, watch Horse Girl if you’re curious – but especially because Brie is great.

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2 thoughts on “HORSE GIRL (2020): The Things I Liked…”

  1. I saw this a week ago and the birthday party definitely stands out. I think because it has the highest concentration of humour of the whole film. Molly Shannon’s character, I liked her too.

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