THE INVISIBLE MAN 2019): The Things I Liked…

The Invisible Man (2019), Elisabeth Moss, Universal Pictures
The Invisible Man (2019), Elisabeth Moss, Universal Pictures

The Invisible Man is a pleasant surprise of a film. From a clever story with twists and turns you don’t quite see coming to Elisabeth Moss’s impressive emotionally and physically demanding performance. Director Leigh Whannell does a good job of telling a thrilling and equally terrifying story about a woman who’s being hunted by her very abusive ex who also happens to be invisible.

Considering the nature of this story which is based on H.G. Well’s novel of the same name, let’s just say that The Invisible Man isn’t partly categorised as a horror film by accident. The horror part is very real, especially in the psychological sense.It’s also incredibly terrifying for women especially, but generally because very abusive partners exist.

Then there’s the idea that invisibility technology could also exist and end up in the hands of the wrong kind people. I’m no technology expert of course, but Whannell’s film somehow makes such technology or something like it seem far closer to what is possible than I’d like to admit.

Lastly, for those who aren’t the biggest fans of scary movies, will The Invisible Man give the average person nightmares? Probably not. But just know that it isn’t exactly comfortable viewing either because no horror / mystey / sci-fi that’s intent on terrifying us is.

Overall and more than anything, Whannell’s movie is thrilling, well, paced, cleverly shot and very likely surprising in a good way.

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    1. It’s a memorable one indeed. Apparently an earlier film was made of the H.G. Wells’s story. Though the interpretation was different in part because it was a different time technologically and the focus wasn’t primarily on Elisabeth Moss’s character.

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