MADE IN ITALY (2020): The Thing ILiked…

Made In Italy (2020), Liam Neeson, Micheál Richardson, IFC Films
Made In Italy (2020), Liam Neeson, Micheál Richardson, IFC Films

As expected, the beautiful views of the Tuscan landscape is my favourite thing about Liam Neeson’s latest comedy Made in Italy It’s just unfortunate that I didn’t find much else to love in writer/director James D’Arcy’s story besides the views.

I should have been prepared for Made in Italyto be less funny and more focused on grief. Especially since the plot has Neeson playing a father, accompanied by his estranged son (Micheál Richardson) while on a trip to Italy to sell a house he inherited from his late wife.

I had certain hopes and expectations about how charming Made in Italy was going to be. Not only did I find the movie inadequately charming, I didn’t find it as funny as its comedy categorisation would suggest. Furthermore, Richardson’s character Jack’s emotional journey development felt oddly inauthentic and ill-timed in parts.

Things did get a bit better when Neeson’s character became emotional at around the one hour, ten-minute mark. However, by that point I’d largely given up on any hopes of D’Arcy’s film redeeming itself and suddenly becoming less annoyingly predictable, and charming enough for me to forgive it’s earlier shortcomings.

Watch Made in Italy only if you’re extremely curious.

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