THE BOYS IN THE BAND (2020): The Things I Liked…

The Boys In The Band (2020), Jim Parsons, Netflix
The Boys In The Band (2020), Jim Parsons, Netflix

Starring Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto and Andrew Rannells, the first great thing about director Joe Mantello’s The Boys In The Band is all the performances. 

Second is all the funny moments with great comic timing, and how very well-written and paced it is. 

I love the way the story unfolds like a beautiful play. A truth that makes sense since The Boys In The Band is a film adaptation of Mart Crowley’s play of the same name. A play that features several interesting characters, and manages the tension in scenes so well, that you can’t wait for all to be revealed. 

In addition to capturing several moments of heartbreaking truth brilliantly, other personal highlights include the set design and the way the production is lit. Even though almost all of the action takes place during a party in a New York City apartment in 1968, there isn’t a moment when you find yourself wanting a change of scenery. All because what’s happing inside is thoroughly engaging, thanks to the very watchable complex characters.

Characters with understandable complexities, especially considering the difficulties they faced during that particular time in American history. A time when just being themselves was a far less accepted thing. And it is this reality that’s the underlying fuel. Fuel that results in a perfectly watchable film, thanks to great writing and brilliant performances by all.

Watch The Boys In The Band because it’s good. 

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8 thoughts on “THE BOYS IN THE BAND (2020): The Things I Liked…”

  1. I really love the original film from 1970. I saw the original film as a tween on TV than would revisit it every few years. This new version intrigues me because the cast sounds phenomenal but the original version featured gay actors in a film from a time period where it wasn’t acceptable to be gay so their brave performances back then resonate even more than an actor of today portraying that.

    1. I didn’t even know that another movie of the play preceded this one, so thank you for the information.
      You’re absolutely right about the 1970s film likely being an even more intense experience for the actors involved. I imagine that all the gay actors in this movie paused to reflect on the significance of that experience. Seeing them all together in this movie was such a beautiful experience because they are all so great it is. Thank goodness positive change continues, albeit hardly fast enough.
      I’m curious to find out how you feel about this remake compared to the first because it’s certainly worth a look.

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