JUNGLELAND (2019): The things I Liked…

Jungleland (2019), Charlie Hunnam
Jungleland (2019), Charlie Hunnam

Good performances by Jack O’Connell and Charlie Hunnam are what I was looking for when I decided to watch new Max Winkler directed drama Jungleland. A story in which Hunnam and O’Connell play two brothers fighting against their circumstances, as they travel across the country for a no holds barred boxing match. The kind that lands them both in a fight for their lives.

Good performances by Hunnam and O’Connell is exactly what I got, along with brotherly and on-screen chemistry so believable that I’d be delighted to learn of another O’Connell/Hunnam project.

In addition to the two lead performances, other highlights include the music and the personally pleasing surprise, that for a movie with boxing as a key element, there isn’t much boxing going on. There is definitely some boxing which looks good. However, tough luck for those who were looking for more than five or so minutes of actual boxing footage.

As for what Jungleland didn’t quite deliver for me, quite simply, that would be a less cliched story. Nevertheless, I say watch Jungleland for the aforementioned highlights and particularly if you don’t mind a story that doesn’t offer much story-wise that you haven’t seen before.

Lastly but not least, should you happen to know of any upcoming projects starring Hunnam and O’Connell, please feel very welcome to make my day by letting me know.

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