NORTH HOLLYWOOD (202O): New Trailer From Vince Vaughn, Ryder McLaughlin, Miranda Cosgrove, Blake Anderson…

North Hollywood (2020), Ryder McLaughlin
North Hollywood (2020), Ryder McLaughlin

Ryder McLaughlin, Miranda Cosgrove and Vince Vaughn are the stars of North Hollywood; a comedy/drama about a young man named Michael, and his pursuit of a dream to become a professional skater.

 Directed by Mikey Alfred; additional key cast includes Blake Anderson, Thomas Barbusca and Sophia Bui.

This looks funny, has an intriguingly relaxed and chaotic vibe; plus, I’m interested in finding out where young Michael ends up, both generally and in terms of his professional skating dreams. Particularly so, considering all the various demands on his time shown in this trailer.

Nicolo Carlson, Arsenio Castellanos, Angus Cloud, AprilAnn Dais, Kasey Elise and Nico Hiraga also star.

North Hollywood Release Dates

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