CAT PEOPLE (2021): New Trailer For Docuseries About Cat Lovers…

Cat People (2021), Netflix
Cat People (2021), Netflix

New docuseries Cat People explores the fascinating relationship many have with their fiercely independent and mysterious feline friends.

Revealing that ‘cat people’ come in all shapes and sizes, the series promises to introduce to us some of the cat lovers out there; the ones who are defying the negative stereotypes of what it means to be a cat person.

What I saw at 1:05 seconds into this trailer can arguably be described as ‘CREEPY’. Still, I’m happy that this docuseries exists for the cat people of the world. Personally, I don’t mind cats. It’s just that I’m more into big cats, and elephants. Two beauties I’m happy to marvel at from a very safe distance indeed.

In case Cat People has the dog lovers of the world feeling slightly left out, don’t you worry because Netflix has you covered with Dogs – Season 2 (2021).

Cat People Release Dates: July 7th, 2021 (US)…

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29 thoughts on “CAT PEOPLE (2021): New Trailer For Docuseries About Cat Lovers…”

  1. Agreed about that flash at 1:05! That said, I’m a cat fancier and love my 2 furbabies. I’m not *way* into the cat culture but I enjoy their company and see them as subdued and safe inside and never let outside to kill.

  2. I’m a cat and a dog lover. When I met my now hubby I just had my cat Bella. he said he wasn’t a cat lover at all. I told him we are a package Let’s just say in the end, she was his baby,lol. This should be very interesting indeed,

  3. hmmm.. I am WAY more a cat person than a dog person. I’m not a fan of most dogs, and truly not of most dog owners who think their untrained dogs should be dragged into every public place now to fight/poop/pee etc.. But I’m not sure even I can be convinced to watch a whole docuseries on kitties.. funny as they can be..

      1. he’s so precious. my other friends got a little puppy.. it’s a Lake Charles..or something like that. first time since I’ve been 10 yrs old that I’ve wanted a dog.. it’s so adorable.. but it’s a lot of work. I feel Cats and me are the same.. like they are independent, love you…but at times just don’t care.. hear you call their name and pretend they don’t.. like treaties.. hahahhahah

      2. ‘A lot of work’ is truly the nature of dog parenthood/ownership. Maybe it’s best in retirement! 😁
        Being ‘less work than dogs’ is definitely appealing, but I think there are still more dog parents than cat parents out there.

      3. very true.. so many more dog people than cat people. I think it might have been opposite at one point say 10 yrs or so ago….and now it’s definitely on trend to have a dog and take it everywhere. I still think a dog should have a nice, big yard to play in and you have to be able to invest the time in to it and both do cost as well. some aren’t prepared for any of it and it ends up being just sad for the pet.

  4. OH MY GOSH I WANT TO SEE THIS!! ITS MY DREAM! We really need more movies and stuff about cats. We have so much dogs things. Finally more about cats!

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