Slow Horses (2022), Jack Lowden, Apple TV+

SLOW HORSES (2022): Hello, Thrilling Chase…

Why aren’t there more movies with chase sequences as long and satisfying as Mel Gibson’s Apocalyto (2006? I often wonder about this and the answer is probably the same as the reason there aren’t enough films with the unexpectedly masterful execution of Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite (2019); it’s incredibly hard to do.

I say all the above as a big fan of the following clip from Apple TV+’s latest drama/thriller series, Slow Horses.

Starring Jack Lowden, Kristin Scott Thomas and Gary Oldman, the story’s focus on a team of British intelligence agents is intriguing enough. Especially considering that said team serve as a dumping ground department of MI5, thanks to their career-ending mistakes.

Nevertheless, it’s roughly 1.5 months since I saw the above clip, and I still haven’t watched beyond these 20+ minutes.

There are several reasons I’ve been unhurried about committing to Slow Horses. They include the non-film-related things keeping me busy. Also, I am a person for whom a thrilling chase sequence is one of the most fun events a film can have. Remember how exciting all the running in Apocalyto was?

I’d hate to start watching Slow Horses, only to stop because I’m not getting enough of that which had me hooked in the first place; the thrilling chase.

The cast is undoubtedly great, and with clever pacing, great dialogue and more, I may well have a good time, should I decide to surrender; something I may have done more readily had the last 12 minutes of the above clip not caught me off guard.

Finally learning patience and the right mood arising may help get me there. Or, I could be that millennial/ Tik Tok generation type. You know, the ones who are having more and more trouble enduring footage that can’t be categorised as ‘a clip.’ How scary.

Have you seen Slow Horses? Which movie features your favourite chase sequence?

Happy Clip Loving.


14 thoughts on “SLOW HORSES (2022): Hello, Thrilling Chase…”

  1. I finally have Apple TV+, so I think I might give this a try. And I’m with you about movie chase scenes. I think that for the chase scene to be truly great, the story has to be a good. too, something the audience can really connect to.

  2. The Apocalypto chase scene is so good, you’re right! I found it on youtube and liked it so much I even borrowed it for a montage. Still haven’t seen the whole movie even. Great post, and now I’m thinking about great chase scenes🤔 This is fun.

    1. I’m coming over to your page pretty soon, so I’m hoping that I’ll find the montage you speak of, and a post about chase sequences on there. 😁🙏

      Glad you enjoyed the chase and my post. Thank you. Hopefully you finally had a chance to see the movie. I’m probably due a re-watching…

  3. Hello! I actually quite enjoyed this series despite not having too many thrilling chases that one associates w/ a spy series. I love the cast, esp the thespians Kristin Scott Thomas and Gary Oldman. Jack Lowden is my fave of the younger ones, and I hope there’s a sequel to this.

    1. Greetings, Ruth! 🤓👋

      Really enjoying Slow Horses seems to be the general consensus. I think i just need to get over my insufficient attention span! 😁 Something tells me I will eventually watch it. The mood just has to be right.

      And I agree about the cast. Fingers crossed for that sequel. 🤞🤞

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