Raymong & Ray (2022), Ethan Hawke, AppleTV+

RAYMOND & RAY (2022): New Trailer Starring Ethan Hawke, Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo, Vondie Curtis-Hall

New comedy/drama Raymond & Ray stars Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke as half-brothers reunited at their father’s funeral.

Directed by Rodrigo García; key supporting cast includes Vondie Curtis-Hall, Maribel Verdú, Todd Louiso, Maxim Swinton, Tom Bower,

I had no clue how much I’d like the idea of Hawke and McGregor as brothers until I saw this trailer. The strong sibling dynamic and the humour are what I’m most looking forward to.

I say, bring on the healing for these connected brothers.

In the meantime, I’m going to reminisce about and maybe even re-watch the most fun scenes in the drama/comedy Death at a Funeral (2010); the movie that came to mind as this trailer played.

Chris Silcox, Chris Grabher, Laura Linda Bradley, Tom Bower, Leydi Morales and Natalie Cassell also star.

Raymond & Ray Release Dates: October 21st, 2022 (US)…

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11 thoughts on “RAYMOND & RAY (2022): New Trailer Starring Ethan Hawke, Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo, Vondie Curtis-Hall…”

  1. This popped up in my AppleTV+ and I share your experience. I never knew how well they look together until this trailer. So many new movies so little time…😅

    1. Yes, sometimes it feels like there can’t possibly be enough lifetimes in which to watch all the films on my to-do list. Annoyingly this one isn’t too highly rated either. I’m hoping that I’ll disagree should I get round to watching it.

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