Spoiler Alert (2022), Jim Parsons, Netflix

SPOILER ALERT (2022): New Trailer From Jim parsons, Sally Field, Nikki M. James, Ben Aldridge…

Michael Showalter, director of The Big Sick (2017) has a new comedy/drama for us starring Jim parsons, Nikki M. James, Sally Field and Ben Aldridge.

Spoiler Alert is the story of Michael Kit’s relationship, which suddenly takes a tragic turn.

I love watching Parsons act. And each time I do, thanks to his acting capabilities, I’m almost guaranteed to be moved in the most satisfying way.

I’ve been a fan ever since Parsons played Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory (2006-2019). Seeing this trailer makes me want to re-watch one of my favourite episodes, The Staircase Implementation. There’s also Parsons’s more recent great work in The Boys in the Band (2020).

Do you also happen to be a Jim Parsons fan too? If so, which performance is your favourite?

Bill Irwin, Tara Summers, Antoni Porowski, Jeffery Self, Winslow Bright, Josh Pais, Shunori Ramanathan, Supriya Ganesh and Kate Pittard also star.

Spoiler Alert Release Dates: December 16th, 2022 (US)…

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9 thoughts on “SPOILER ALERT (2022): New Trailer From Jim parsons, Sally Field, Nikki M. James, Ben Aldridge…”

  1. I like Parsons as well, but I’m trying to remeber if I saw him somewhere else then in the Big Bang Theory, because whenever I do (trailers) he just feels like a variation on Sheldon to me. I did like his voice acting in Home, where he was great and didn’t remind me of Sheldon at all.

    1. I know what you mean about hearing Sheldon Cooper when Parsons speaks. For me, that was most true soon after The Big Bang Theory ended. Home was released relatively soon after that and I absolutely heard Sheldon each time his character spoke.

      A few years passed, five to be precise and The Boys in Band was released. Sheldon came to mind much less during that, especially since the story of The Boys in Band is so involving. I think the more time passes, the less Sheldon will come through, especially as long as Parsons keeps picking very engaging stories.

  2. Great cast. This should be a good one. I loved Parsons in the Big Bang Theory. They nailed the casting, and he nailed the role. I agree with Uri’s comment about his voice role in Home. I do believe he has a long, healthy post-BBT career ahead of him.

    1. I agree with both you and Uri. And as per my reply to Uri, with time, The ever-intriguing Sheldon Cooper will very likely come through less and less.

      The Big Bang casting really was great. I remember loving hearing that The actor who plays Leonard’s read for the Sheldon role, felt he wasn’t right for it and recommended that the producers get Parsons to read for it. Isn’t that just beautiful? ๐Ÿ˜

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