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A SEXPLANATION (2021): The Things I Liked…

A Sexplanation, a comedy/documentary intent on righting all the wrongs of 36-year-old director Alex Liu’s all-American and certainly inadequate sex education is the kind of watchable 76 minutes I’d expected.

Since, unsurprisingly, my adolescent sex education also lacked some important details, especially by today’s standards, the film’s promise to uncover the much-needed hard facts and naked truths with some comedic flair had me simultaneously informed and entertained.

I enjoyed watching Liu’s journey as he sought guidance from the experts, asked his parents a bunch of highly awkward questions and shared his sex education experiences with some of his closest friends. 

More than the largely welcome puns and other amusing moments, it was great to see how finally getting the key information that a now 36-year-old Liu really needed much sooner, gave him a sense of peace. 

Besides the humour and the more detailed sex education lesson, there are two more memorable highlights in A Sexplanation. The first is the charming dynamic between Liu’s parents. And second is what happens as soon as the sex education experts and researchers are called upon to actually define sex.

I say watch A Sexplanation if you’re curious. Do it for a thoughtful and often amusing sex education lesson; thanks to one man’s review of the sex education experience of his youth. Particularly how life-changing it would have been to have received a more comprehensive approach much sooner.

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