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WEDNESDAY (2022): New Trailer Starring Jenna Ortega, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán…

Jenna Ortega, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán are the stars of the new The Addams Family spin-off series, Wednesday.

Focused on Wednesday Addams, we get to watch the mischievous Addams daughter as a high school student. She’ll be getting up to her usual fun to watch shenanigans, as well as attempting to master her emerging psychic ability and solve the mystery that’s embroiled her parents.

I must admit that this delightful little trailer has made me so very happy indeed. And what a wonderful young talent Ortega is.

The fact that Wednesday is a series and has input from Tim Burton is the reason this looks like so much fun.

Bring on all that promising humour, beautiful set and costume design. I’m ready!

Emma Myers, Jamie McShane, Joy Sunday, Riki Lindhome, Thora Birch and Hunter Doohan also star.

Wednesday Release Dates

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Cocaine Godmother (2017), Catherine Zeta-Jones
Cocaine Godmother (2017), Catherine Zeta-Jones

The subject matter of Cocaine Godmother is Griselda Blanco. Blanco was an infamous Colombian drug lord of the Medellín Cartel and a pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine trade and underworld in the 1970s and early 80s.

Being aware of Blanco’s origins, one can understand any controversy that may arise as a result of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones being cast in the leading role. Zeta-Jones is an Academy Award winning actress; as such, I never imagined she’d do a terrible acting job and she didn’t. Nevertheless, the film certainly didn’t meet its potential.

I have no complaints about any of the acting but I do feel that had the Guillermo Navarro directed biopic been afforded a bigger production budget, perhaps the whole film wouldn’t have felt as rushed and somehow incomplete as it did.

Watch Cocaine Godmother if you’re curious enough about Zeta-Jones’s performance.  Who knows, maybe somewhere in the future, another version of Blanco’s story will get the finish it deserves. Times are always changing after all.

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COCAINE GODMOTHER (2017): New Trailer Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Raúl Méndez…

Cocaine Godmother (2017), Catherine Zeta-Jones
Cocaine Godmother (2017), Catherine Zeta-Jones

Read my spoiler-free movie review of Cocaine Godmother (2017)

Directed by Guillermo Navarro; starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Raúl Mendes and Juan Pablo Espinosa, Cocaine Godmother is a TV movie about the life story of Griselda Blanco.

Blanco was the infamous Colombian drug lord of the Medellín Cartel and a pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine trade and underworld in the 1970s and early 80s…

I’m going to guess that it’s likely controversial to have Welsh actor Catherine Zeta Jones  playing Blanco, a Colombian woman. Nevertheless, a part of me is still quite curious to see how it all turns out because Zeta-Jones is great and this trailer doesn’t seem to bad.

This is actually a lifetime movie and I don’t know that those generally have a great reputation. We’ll just have to see.

Cocaine Godmother Release Dates… 2018

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DAD’S ARMY (2016): Great British Humour in New Trailer Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones & Bill Nighy

Dad's Army (2016), Catherine Zeta-Jones
Dad’s Army (2016), Catherine Zeta-Jones

A film version of classic British sitcom, Dad’s Army has been made and the following teaser of a trailer looks promising…

Teaser Trailer

Trailer 2

Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones,  Bill Nighy, Toby Jones and Michael Gambon, I have a feeling that the magic of the TV series will remain intact.

Dad’s Army Release Date (s): February 5th, 2016 (US & UK)…

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