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COLONIA (2015): For The Tension & Suspense

Colonia (2015), Emma Watson
Colonia (2015), Emma Watson

The cult setting of Colonia, the latest movie starring Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl is one of the things that drew me to the film. It’s probably wise to add that my interest is much like the way that most people are curious about the mind of a serial killer, and definitely less like ‘let me join a sect and see’

Well paced and acted, my favourite things about director Florian Gallenberger’s movie are the tension and suspense which builds up nicely till the very end. Another highlight is the information about the dynamics of power and the madness that often takes place within the walls of cults such as Colonia Dignidad.

As you watch this movie, you may experience feelings of gratitude. First because, you’re not trapped inside a cult and second, you’ve never had to join one that may be impossible to escape, so as to try and save your risk taking, ‘act now, think later’ could be smarter boyfriend.

I’m glad that I can finally say I’ve seen Emma Watson in a film I like; a film other than Seth Rogen’s This Is The End (2013), which I love. In case you were wondering, ‘what about Harry Potter?’ Yeah, I’m not into those films, at all.

Watch it because it’s gripping.

Happy Film Loving 🙂