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DADDY’S HOME 2 (2017): New Trailer From Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, John Cena…

Daddy's Home 2 (2017), Mel Gibson
Daddy’s Home 2 (2017), Mel Gibson

The first Daddy’s Home (2015) movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell and Linda Cardelilni featured a ‘cool biological dad versus new and not so cool stepdad’ dynamic between Ferrell and Wahlberg. For the Sean Anders directed sequel, the same dynamic remains, except this time Ferrell and Wahlberg’s characters are the best of friends but their dads played by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow are not quite that…


The original movie was OK and featured some memorable scenes. I’ll be tuning in this time for much of the same and hopefully more. I already love the kiss between Lithgow and Ferrell’s characters.

Daddy’s Home 2 Release Dates: November 10th, 2017 (US); November 22nd, 2017 (UK)…

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DADDY’S HOME (2015): The Thing I liked…

Daddy's Home (2015), Mark Wahlberg
Daddy’s Home (2015), Mark Wahlberg (Real Dad)

This is how I answer the question of whether or not to watch the stepdad / biological dad comedy, Daddy’s Home. It stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, a pair who have shown great onscreen chemistry in the past. For example, 2010’s The Other Guys.

Daddy’s Home won’t ask too much of you except that you sit down, relax, and accept a few laughs. Generally speaking, you’ll be ok as long as you don’t mind the absence of surprises plot-wise.

Daddy's Home (2015), Will Ferrell (Stepdad)
Daddy’s Home (2015), Will Ferrell (Stepdad)

The best thing about the movie, for me is the onscreen chemistry and verbal sparring between the two lead actors. If you love Farrell and or Wahlberg, you’ll probably watch the movie regardless. So to that I say, enjoy and I’m excited for you about Daddy’s Home 2, release date November 2017.

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DADDY’S HOME (2015): New Comedy From Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell

Daddy's Home (2015), Will Ferrell
Daddy’s Home (2015), Will Ferrell

In the new Daddy’s Home trailer starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, it looks like the famous charisma and charm synonymous with Wahlberg, coupled with Ferrell’s comedy expertise is going to result in a very funny movie. Especially when you add the ‘cool biological dad versus ‘new and not at all cool stepdad’ dynamic…

Directed by Sean Anders and John Morris (part of the team behind 2013 comedy hit We’re The Millers), there’s no reason not to hope for good things.

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