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FLIGHT (2012): For Denzel Washington’s Great Performance & That Excellent Ending…

Flight (2012), Denzel Washington
Flight (2012), Denzel Washington

From the acclaimed director of Forrest Gump (1994) and the much loved Back To The Future movies, Robert Zemeckis, I knew that Flight would be worth my time and not just because it came highly recommended by a fellow film lover. The films’s star is Denzel Washington – another great reason to watch, as is an interest in the story of a skilled airplane pilot whose personal demons lead him to both endanger and save the lives of his passengers

A well written and told story, one of my favourite highlights is the ‘courtroom’ scene towards the end. I knew it was coming and I couldn’t wait. The dialogue and general back and forth with Denzel’s character and the person (s) questioning him proved worth the wait.  Overall though, my absolute favourite moment in Flight has to be the actual ending. That last scene says so very much in just a few simple words. If you haven’t already, I say watch it for the Denzel magic and  much more.

Happy Film Loving