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DUMPLIN’ (2018): The Thing I Liked…

Dumplin' (2018), Jennifer Aniston
Dumplin’ (2018), Jennifer Aniston

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Danielle McDonald and Odeya Rush, I had some fun Watching Dumplin’, the comedy / drama about Willowdean a.k.a  Dumplin,’ the plus-size teenage daughter of a former beauty queen.

Directed by Anne Fletcher, the story really gets underway when, to the surprise of many in their small Texas town, Willowdean starts a revolution by signing up for her mom’s Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant. 

I wanted to watch Dumplin‘ because of Aniston and the promise of some humour. There is a little humour involved and the messaging about inclusion, representation and love of self are indeed adequately executed. I also  enjoyed witnessing the positive evolution of a strained mother / daughter relationship and seeing a teenage girl find her confidence. 

Though everyone did well in their roles, a part of me does wish that Dumplin’ had been a tad more amusing and fun. A similar movie that I had that little bit more fun watching is Don’t Talk To Irene (2017),which I recommend.

Dolly Parton’s music features quite a lot in Dumplin’ and she’s often mentioned. So… if you’re a fan, you know what to do. Another reason to watch Dumplin’ to see Aniston have fun in her role as a small town Texas woman. The idea alone just makes me smile.

Happy film Loving