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DYING LAUGHING: New Trailer For Documentary About Comedians, Their Lives & Creative Process.

Dying Laughing (2016), Russell Peters
Dying Laughing (2016), Russell Peters

Dying Laughing is a new documentary that delves into the complicated lives of Stand-up comedians, the craft and their creative process…

I’m looking forward to hearing what many of the current great comics have to say. Names including Russell Peters, Billy Connolly, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer to name just a few. I really want to know if all comics really are ‘very damaged people. I’m sure many are but surely there must be exceptions, no?

I didn’t see Ricky Gervais or Louis C.K. in this trailer but I sure hope they too make an appearance.

Dying Laughing Release Dates: Premieres on June 4th (2016), at the LA Film Festival. Further dates to be confirmed.

Happy Film Loving 🙂