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THE IRISHMAN (2019): New Trailer From Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel…

The Irishman (2019), Netflix
The Irishman (2019), Netflix

Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel are the stars of new biography / crime / drama The Irishman.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, the story centres around a mod hitman’s recollection of his possible involvement with the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa.

Announcement Trailer

A link to the latest trailer released on July 31st 2019 can be found below.

The names of everyone in this movie is enough to get any serious movie fan very excited – and excited I certainly am. I also have to congratulate the creative mind behind the decision to have the shell float in the place of the letter I. I admit to yelping with delight at the beauty of the execution, especially when De Niro’s name came up. Then I had rewind to watch it again in case I imagined the whole thing; and a third time so I could actually listen to the dialogue.

No actual footage has even been released but I’m convinced that Autumn has never seemed so very far away.

Here’s a link to see the latestThe Irishman trailer released on July 31st 2019.

Anna Paquin, Jack Huston, Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano, Jesse Plemons and Stephen Graham also star.

The Irishman Release Dates: November 27th, 2019 (US)…

Happy Film Loving


RIO, I LOVE YOU (2014): New Trailer Starring Rodrigo Santoro, Ryan Kwanten & Harvey Keitel,

Rio, I Love You (2014), John Turturro, Vanessa Paradis
Rio, I Love You (2014), John Turturro, Vanessa Paradis

For those in love with love, I think today’s trailer might be for you. Rio, I Love You is a series of short films set in the sunny Brazilian city and brought to us by numerous talented directors including Paolo Sorrentino, John Turturro and Guillermo Arriaga…

You don’t have to be completely in love with love, or even in love with Rio, for Rio, I love You to intrigue you. You just have to want to know more about the characters presented in the this rather energising trailer. I for one, find myself very curious indeed. Thanks to the editing, music and snippets of the stories in love’s various stages and forms.

Rodrigo Santoro, Emily Mortimer, Vincent Cassel, Ryan Kwanten and John Turturro are some of the key cast.

Rio, I Love You Release Dates:

Happy film Loving 🙂


YOUTH (2015): For The Wisdom In The Stories & The Spectacular Audio Visual Feast

Youth (2015), Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel
Youth (2015), Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel

The music and cinematography in Youth are the first things you’ll notice. Then comes the the dialogue and highly accomplished acting talent in the shape of Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Jane Fonda, Rachel Weisz and Paul Dano.

Youth reminds me of part of the reason why film is such a great love of mine. How through film, all the different forms of artistic expression can come together and be enjoyed, all in one place and in a whole new way.

As I would advise anyone before viewing a movie, watch only when you’re in the right mood for a particular genre of film. I fear that should you not be in the mood for the drama/ non-action/ non-thriller that Youth is, you may judge it unfairly.

Youth (2015), Rachel Weisz
Youth (2015), Rachel Weisz

Youth is the type of film that will likely leave you with plenty to think about; from what constitutes a good friendship, the cost of becoming one of the best in your field, to the things in life that drive us and the unexpected outcomes of the friendships / relationships in our lives.

There is so much to take in that by the end you’ll get the feeling that another viewing needs to happen soon if not immediately. The film is two hours long so immediately is probably not the best way to go. 

Youth is wise and smart. It is funny in parts, though not a comedy. It’s also officially my favourite favourite Michael Caine film.

I loved this movie but embarrassingly, I knew very little of accomplished Italian writer / director Paolo Sorrentino’s work. I’ve since reviewed his filmography and The Great Beauty (2013) is now on my watch list.

Time for me to think about when best to visit Switzerland, for the visual feast that is Youth definitely has me sold.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


YOUTH (2015) New Trailer From Michael Caine, Paul Dano & Jane Fonda

Youth (2015), Michael Caine, Paul Dano
Youth (2015), Michael Caine, Paul Dano

I saw the trailer for Youth a few months ago and thought it was a comedy. Not so much now, after this new version…

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, it does look good, especially with a cast list that includes Jane Fonda, Harvey Keitel, Paul Dano, Michael Caine, Rachel Weisz and Alex Macqueen.

May this non-comedy not depress me. But if it must, I sure hope it’s worth it.

Happy Youth 🙂