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COLLIDING DREAMS (2015): Great Documentary About Zionism & The Israel / Palestine Conflict

Colliding Dreams (2015)
Colliding Dreams (2015)

Before watching Colliding Dreams, I was one of those people who only had a barely adequate understanding of Zionism and the Israel / Palestine conflict a.k.a the War In The Middle East. The fact that I generally steer quite clear of the news has more than a little something to do with it. Fast forward to now and with thanks to the great work of the film’s award winning directors, Joseph Dorman and Oren Rudavsky, I’m probably as well versed as I’d ever want to be.

Colliding Dreams is a documentary thats most ideal for those, like myself who may not already know as much as they feel they ought to about why the the Middle East conflict has continued for so many years. Dorman and Rudavsky’s documentary is a thorough, well edited factual account. One that combines historical archival footage with images plus interviews featuring ordinary people and those well versed on the subject from both sides of the conflict.

With a running time of just over two hours, this is a film that I approached with the mindset of a student who finally gets that history lesson the’ve been looking forward to all semester. The one that contains a mixture of interesting facts and perspectives they hadn’t even considered.

Within the first four minutes of Colliding Dreams, there’s an analogy of what Zionism actually is which hints at part of the reason why the Israel / Palestine conflict has continued for so long. Especially if you’re anything like me, it’s really  going to be worth your while to stick around until the very end – for even more clarity.

Watch it because it’s good.

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