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OH, LUCY (2017): The Things I Liked…

Oh Lucy! (2017), Josh Hartnett, Shinobu Terajima

Josh Hartnett, Shinobu Terajima and Kaho Minami are the stars of Oh, Lucy!, a comedy / drama set in both Tokyo and LA. 

I’m glad to confirm that Oh, Lucy! is as fun and quirky as the trailer suggested. Directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi, it tells the story of a lonely Japanese woman who discovers her alter ego Lucy in an English class and ends up making some questionable decisions soon after. 

Hirayanagi’s film is amusing, smile inducing and surprising. I say ‘surprising’ because Oh, Lucy! is more unpredictable than I expected, but in a good way – in terms f the story. I enjoyed all the performances, especially the sibling relationship between Terajima and Minami’s characters. Even though Lucy gets involved in some highly questionable shenanigans, it’s the simultaneously sad and amusing dynamic in the sibling relationship that stood out most for me.

Watch it for a little something quirky and surprising. Considering the way things unfold, you’ll no doubt find out as the film plays, precisely why the title ‘Oh, Lucy!’ is so very fitting. 

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