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FALLING INN LOVE (2019): The Things I Liked…

Falling Inn Love (2019), Adam Demos, Christina Milian, Netflix
Falling Inn Love (2019), Adam Demos, Christina Milian, Netflix

Starring Christina Milian and Adam Demos, Falling Inn Love is a Hallmark style romance / comedy about a San Francisco based city girl who spontaneously enters and wins a ‘win an inn’ (in New Zealand) competition.

I’ve watched my fair share of Hallmark Channel romance movies in the past, and Falling Inn Love isn’t very different from those films. It’s absolutely PG—rated; plus, there’s nothing in there to really surprise you in terms of story but that’s kind of part of the charm.

As you may have guessed, the destined couple will meet and not get along at first, but soon enough they’ll start to fall in love and before you know it, you’re slapped in the face by a sickeningly cheesy line that may or may not force you to role your eyes. Yet, because love is beautiful, and perhaps, you, like me, like Christina Milian, Adam Demos or both, and you’re in the mood for an easy viewing romance / comedy film, you keep watching and have fun.

Would it have been better if there hadn’t been a line or two so cheesy that my eyes were forced to role? Yes. Would I have liked it that much more if I thought that the song the-soon-to-be couple sang along to in the car was actually great? Yes, it really would have – but that’s just a couple of little details. Overall, I actually enjoyed the dialogue, views of sunny / green New Zealand, plus, I liked Milian and Demos’s performances. I also enjoyed Gilbert the goat, an animal that happens to have stolen several scenes, if not the entire film.

Lastly… What the dumpster!’ – my favourite line in the movie because of its comic timing and delivery.

Watch Falling Inn Love if you’re curious. 

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