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FRACTURED (2019): The Things I Liked…

Fractured (2019), Same Worthington, Netflix
Fractured (2019), Same Worthington, Netflix

Directed by Brad Anderson, new Netflix thriller Fractured follows a father (Sam Worthington) who’s desperate to find his wife and daughter after he takes them to a hospital following an accident; only for the hospital to deny hours later that they’d ever seen his family. 

Also starring Lily Rabe and Stephen Tobolowsky, without giving anything away, the best thing to say about Anderson’s film is that it’s dark and the compelling premise does deliver by the end on the trailers promise. Part of what made Fractured interesting to watch and also a tad frustrating is that throughout the film, there are clues provided that made me think that finally I know exactly what’s going on – but then something else equally convincing happens and forces to re-view my conclusions.

Overall, I  enjoyed Anderson’s film more after things picked up past the half way point. I just wish that it didn’t bring out my impatience during the first half as I longed for the story pick up and give me more clues so I could figure things out. 

Random fact, I’m guilty of enjoying the simultaneously chilling and moving end credit music so much that I definitely kept rewinding so I could write this entire review as it played in the background.

Watch Fractured if you’re curious. It gets better as the story goes on and Worthington is good.

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