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THE CHOICE (2016): The Thing I Liked…

The Choice (2016), Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer
The Choice (2016), Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer

If you’re a movie fan, you know who Ryan Gosling is. If you know who Ryan Gosling is, then you’ve probably at least heard of The Notebook (2004) – that hugely romantic movie loved by lovers of love, all over. And, if you’ve heard about the notebook, you may know that Nicholas Sparks is the writer. I’ve seen The Notebook once and it was a great experience. I cried like many who may or may not admit to doing so. Today actually isn’t really about the The Notebook. It’s about the The Choice (2016), the latest of Sparks’s books to be adapted into a movie.

Starring Teresa Palmer, Benjamin Walker and Alexandra Daddario, The Choice is unfortunately not the greatest of Nicholas Sparks’s movies. There may have been one or two very brief moments where my disbelief may have been completely suspended, but overall, most of the time I was only too aware that I wasn’t just watching a movie – but I was watching one and thinking, ‘wow, this really isn’t very good.’

The Notebook is in no way everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but can it be accused of being unconvincing as far as some of the acting goes? Can it also be accused of containing romantic dialogue that feels forced and inauthentic? I don’t think so.

I tuned in to The Choice because the mood for a romantic movie hit. By the end of the film, the only real great thing I could find about the experience is that the location where it’s shot is beautiful! I think I maybe want to vacation there one day. Also, at least it wasn’t so awful that I had to quit before the end. There is always that, I suppose.

Happy Film Loving


THE LONGEST RIDE (2014): The Good & Bad Things

The Longest Ride (2015), Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood
The Longest Ride (2015), Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood

The Longest Ride is a drama / romance directed by George Tillman Jr and based on a book by Nicholas Sparks.

Starring Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson, the film follows two couples, one young and the other much older whose paths cross one night in North Carolina.

As I watched The Longest Ride, I found myself thinking, ‘enough of this older couple’s story, more of the other, please!’ but their story does get a little more interesting.

The film is quite long and there  are some moments where the dialogue didn’t sound great but I do like what happened at the auction at the end.

Overall, I definitely prefer Dear John (2010) or The Notebook (2004) to this film adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book.

As for any reasons to watch, you’ll learn a few things about bull riding and you may even find yourself taking note of some of the country music in the musical score. The main reason I tuned in is a curiosity about Scott Eastwood (son of Clint). The good news is, he’s definitely not terrible.

Happy The Longest Ride 🙂