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THE PERFECT DATE (2018): The Things I Liked…

The Perfect Date (2019), Noah Centineo, Netflix
The Perfect Date (2019), Noah Centineo, Netflix

The Perfect Date, Netflix’s latest teen comedy / romance gave me a few more laughs than expected. Granted my expectations weren’t especially the highest to begin with. Yet, even with an only adequately engaging first third, I found director Chris Nelson’s film to be a fun, ‘easy viewing’ experience that left me with no regrets.

The Perfect Date story centres around teenager Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) as he goes about executing a smart new plan that will pay for his tuition just in case he gets into Yale university. It’s a plan that has him getting hired to be a stand-in boyfriend for any occasion.

While trying to balance his new venture and life’s other demands, Brooks ends up growing up in a way that often happens much later for many adults. In addition to the rather nicely executed coming of age theme, another key highlight is Centineo’s natural charm, and the evolution of his character’s relationship with his father.

The chemistry between the leads, Centineo and Laura Marano coupled with good dialogue and acting talent made their scenes together some of the most fun to watch and listen to.

Out of all the costumes Brooks wore throughout the film, including for his new business, my favourite is his initial Yale University interview outfit; a getup that to my surprise still amuses me every time I think of it.

Watch The Perfect Date if you’re intrigued. It’s really not that similar to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) and though not perfect, it’s quite fun, especially if you’re a teenager.

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THE PERFECT DATE (2019): New Trailer Starring Noah Centineo, LAURA MARANO, Camila Mendes…

The Perfect Date (2019), Noah Centineo, Netflix.

Directed by Chris Nelson; Noah Centineo, Laura Marano and Camila Mendes’s new comedy / romance is about teenager Brooks Rattigan.

To help him save up for college, Brooks creates an app that enables him to get hired to play the perfect stand-in boyfriend for any occasion…

This is one I’ll watch when the mood for an ‘easy viewing’ romance movie hits and I don’t mind too much that I probably already correctly guessed the ending .

I see a similarity or two to Centineo’s last film, To All The Boys I Loved Before (2018), and I find myself wondering about the ways in which the formula may be different here.

Blaine Kern III, Matt Walsh, Odiseas Georgiadis, Sue-Lynn Ansari, Joe Chrest and Trina LaFargue also star.

Read my spoiler-free movie review of The perfect Date (2019)

The Perfect Date Release Dates: April 12th, 2019 (US & UK)…

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TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE (2018): The Things I Liked…

To All The Boys I've Loved Before (2018), Lana Condor
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), Lana Condor

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, the story of a teenage girl whose secret love letters to five crushes end up being delivered is not a bad movie.

Though Love Simon (2018) is still very much my favourite high school movie in a while, I liked how good director Susan Johnson’s film was at taking me back to that time when I too was a high schooler with an all consuming crush.

Besides the gift of reminiscing, I enjoyed seeing John Corbett in his role as a father to three daughters. I also definitely liked the look and design of the teenage protagonist’s bedroom – even though it’s not how I’d like my teenage room to look.

Overall, I’d say that To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is an adequately entertaining movie that felt very teenage. This is probably why my non-teenage self found some of the mistakes the teenagers in the movie made, quite frustrating to watch.

Lead by Lana Condor, the entire cast did a good job and I’m not that mad at the end result.

You’ll likely guess how things will play out soon after the film starts but I say watch it anyway. Especially if reminiscing about high school won’t hurt. And definitely watch it if you’re in high school. I’d probably have loved it more if I’d been in high school when this movie came out.

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TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE (2018): New Trailer From Susan Johnson, Starring Lana Condor, John Corbett, Noah Centineo, Emilija Baranac…

To All The Boys I've Loved Before (2018), Lana Condor
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), Lana Condor

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a new drama / romance that tells the story of  teenage girl whose secret love letters are exposed.

Based on the novel by Jenny Han; Lana Condor, John Corbett, Noah Centineo and Emilija Baranac star…

As I watched this trailer, I thought ‘here we go, just the same old teen story…’ But then the reason the protagonist faints at the beginning is revealed and I decide that I could probably dedicate some time to this movie. Especially since – luckily for me, my high school crush was never so cruel as to tell me that nothing would ever happen between us.

I’m going to let this movie take me back to my early teenage years as I reminisce about  the boy who made school an event I was always more than happy to wake up for.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Release Dates: August 17th, 2018 (US)…

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