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22 JULY (2018): New Trailer For 2011 Norway Terrorist Attack Thriller, From Director Paul Greengrass, Starring Jonas Strand Gravli…

22 July (2018), Jonas Strand Gravli (Left)
22 July (2018), Jonas Strand Gravli (Left)

22 July is the story of what happened in Norway on 22nd July 2011. The date when right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 young people at a Labour Party Youth Camp outside of Oslo.

Written / directed by Paul Greengrass; starring  Jonas Strand Gravli and Thorbjørn Harr, 22 July is captured through the lens of one survivor’s physical and emotional journey…

The mood will have to be right before I watch this one. Since I did enjoy the Greengrass directed Captain Philips (2013). There’s hope yet, and this trailer is quite good.

Anders Danielsen Lie, Jon Øigarden, Mikkel Bratt Silset, Anneke von der Lippe and Lars Arentz-Hansen also star.

22 July Release Dates: October 10th, 2018 (US)…

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JASON BOURNE (2016): New Trailer Starring Matt Damon

Jason Bourne (2016), Matt Damon
Jason Bourne (2016), Matt Damon

The new Jason Bourne movie trailer starring Matt Damon is here and it looks good…

Teaser trailer

First Trailer

I never did get round to watching the version of the franchise that starred Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy (2012). I mean, I am a Renner fan but Damon just makes it look more exciting somehow. Perhaps it’s similar to the way I know that Sean Connery makes a good James Bond, but Daniel Craig is my ultimate.

Jason Bourne Release Date(s): July 28th, 2016 (US & UK)…

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