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AVATAR (2009): The Thing I Missed…

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to re-watch Avatar (2009), writer/director James Cameron’s action/adventure/fantasy about a paraplegic Marine dispatched on a unique mission to the moon Pandora.

Perhaps even more so than the impressive special effects Avatar is most known for, I particularly remember how strongly Cameron’s film reminded me of how easily evil wins when those who oppose it do nothing. And post second viewing, I can confirm that said message still rings clearly for me today. I mean, it is a recurrent theme in the human experience.

There is one other thing that stood out ever so clearly to me this time around. And it’s something that barely registered back in 2009, Zoe Saldana’s emotional performance as Neytiri. The visuals must have been too stunning for me to notice her contribution the first time around. But, as they say, better late than never, right? I certainly have a brand new respect for Saldana as an actor now.

As cliché as some feel the Avatar story is, for me, the thought never crossed my mind as I took in the movie. Perhaps I was too engaged with all the arresting audio-visual events happening before my eyes at the time. Whatever the case, I’m glad Avatar exists, and I was here to watch, even if Avatar may not end up in my list of top ten favourite movies.

I’m sure that by now, several of you have already re-watched Avatar and the follow-up Avatar – The Way of Water. And based on what many have said, both films are as impressive and epic as James Cameron movies are known to be. I’ll likely agree with this sentiment when I finally see The Way of Water before this month ends. I wonder what I’ll miss and only notice when I watch it again several years later. 

Did you also rewatch Avatar before the new release? And if so, how do you feel upon second viewing? Perhaps you also missed something the first time around.

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THE GANDHI MURDER (2018): New Trailer Starring Stephen Lang, Luke Pasqualino, Joseph K. Bevilacqua, Om Puri…

The Gandhi Murder (2018), Mahatma Gandhi
The Gandhi Murder (2018), Mahatma Gandhi

The Gandhi Murder is a conspiracy theory period drama that tells the story of three police officers in different parts of India. The officers are well aware of the intelligence that Mahatma Gandhi’s life is under threat and must take key decisions that would eventually either save the non-violent Gandhi, or save India, a violent place divided by religion.

Directed by  Karim Traïdia and Pankaj Sehgal Stephen Lang, The Gandhi Murder stars Luke Pasqualino, Joseph K. Bevilacqua…

My reason for wanting to see this one is the long overdue history lesson. I want to learn about an extraordinary and subsequently intriguing human.

Vinnie Jones, Bobbie Phillips Rajit Kapoor, Nassar, Govind Namdeo and Ananth Narayan Mahadevan also star.

The Gandhi Murder Release Dates: January 30th, 2019 (US)…

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MORTAL ENGINES (2018): New Trailer From Peter Jackson Starring Hera Hilmar, Hugo Weaving, Jihae…

Mortal Engines (2018), Hera Hilmar
Mortal Engines (2018), Hera Hilmar

Directed by Christian Rivers, starring Hera Hilmar, Hugo Weaving and Jihae, Mortal Engines is an action / fantasy / sci-fi movie set many years after the ‘Sixty Minute War.’ A time when cities survive a now desolate Earth by moving around on giant wheels, attacking and devouring smaller towns to replenish their resources…

The concept for this movie which has Peter Jackson of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy involved as one of the screenwriters is definitely interesting. Nevertheless, there are just a few reasons why I find myself intrigued but not quite excited, yet.

One reason is the fact that I don’t really know the film’s star so I don’t have that prior connection. Another reason is we don’t get to see her face in this trailer so there’s that barrier to connection.  Last but absolutely not least, the idea of London, England my dear beloved city existing only on wheels is very unsettling to say the least.

Now that all my random thoughts have been aired, I’m quite sure that I’ll  get over my concerns enough to appreciate one more fearless screen heroine.

Joel Tobeck and Robert Sheehan also star.

Mortal Engines Release Dates: December 14th, 2018 (US & UK)…

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