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FIRST LOVE (2019): New Trailer From Takashi Miike, Starring Becky, Sakurako Konishi, Masataka Kubota…

First Love (2019), Sakurako Konishi, Well Go USA Entertainment
First Love (2019), Sakurako Konishi, Well Go USA Entertainment

Starring Becky, Sakurako Konishi and Masataka Kubota new action / crime / romance, First Love has a young boxer and a call girl caught up in a drug-smuggling scheme.

Directed by Takashi Miike, all the exciting action takes place during a single night in Tokyo…

Apparently I’ve been missing out by never having seen a Takashi Miike movie.

I certainly can’t deny that the plot and style in this trailer has peaked my interest. Fingers, toes and everything crossed that I can stomach all the killing. I hear that since I’m generally un-phased by all the blood and killing in Quentin Tarantino’s signature works, I should be OK.

Jun Murakami, Nao Ohmori, Sansei Shiomi, Shôta Sometani and Seiyô Uchino also star.

First Love Release Dates….

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