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THE 5TH WAVE (2016): The Things I…

The 5th Wave (2016), Chloë Grace Moretz
The 5th Wave (2016), Chloë Grace Moretz

Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, The 5th Wave, a story about aliens trying to claim our planet as their own is a film that could have been so very good. But instead I found it boring, unsurprising and lazy.

My key issues with the movie lie in the script, editing, performances, story and  general execution. It ended up feeling like a film that was rushed and made long before the story and script were ever properly ready.

Performance-wise I can’t really fault Liev Schreiber and a few others. Chloe Grace Moretz on the other hand… I’ve seen her in four movies so far. For two of those films I have zero complaints. But for the other two, one of which is The 5th Wave, I found her performance to be varying levels of unconvincing. To be fair, Moretz isn’t the only one that I feel didn’t adequately embody their character, but she is the key protagonist, hence my focus.

One unfortunate script / editing faux pas that sticks to mind happens towards the end as 3 characters converse. One of them, let’s call him person A; he says, ‘My plan is to do such and such.’ All three people continue to talk amongst themselves for a minute. Person A then leaves. Within a few seconds, person B says to person C, ‘We better go, because I think person A is going to do such and such’. In my mind I’m thinking ‘Er… there is no thinking he’s going to do it because he just told you he’s going to do it, no?!

My disappointment had now peaked, but still I calmed down enough to recognise that the main target market for The 5th Wave is clearly young adults and teenagers. in otherwords, not me. As such I wonder what they think about it all. What are their thoughts on the seemingly forced romance/ love triangle that unfortunately is just too much like The Hunger Games (2012)?

Mad is not how I’d feel if I were to find out that a sequel to The 5th Wave is not going to happen. Of course that all depends on how much money this movie, however bad it may be, actually made.

Directed by J Blakeson and based on the book by Rick Yancey. The 5th Wave is a movie you watch it if you absolutely must. Otherwise just enjoy the trailer instead.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


THE 5TH WAVE (2016): New Trailer Starring Chloe Grace Moretz & Liev Schreiber

The 5th Wave (2016), Chloe Grace Moretz
The 5th Wave (2016), Chloe Grace Moretz

Apocalyptic films are here to stay people! Here comes one more starring Chloe Grace Moretz…

The 5th Wave is intriguing, though I love Moretz best in the original Kick-Ass (2010) movie. I found her performance just so, so in If I Stay (2014). My fingers are crossed that The 5th Wave surprises me most pleasantly.

Live Schreiber, Maika Monroe, Ron Livingston, Maria Bello and Nick Robinson also star.

Release Dates: January 15th 2016 (U.S.), January 22nd 2016 ((U.K.)

Happy The 5th Wave 🙂