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THE 5TH WAVE (2016): New Trailer Starring Chloe Grace Moretz & Liev Schreiber

The 5th Wave (2016), Chloe Grace Moretz
The 5th Wave (2016), Chloe Grace Moretz

Apocalyptic films are here to stay people! Here comes one more starring Chloe Grace Moretz…

The 5th Wave is intriguing, though I love Moretz best in the original Kick-Ass (2010) movie. I found her performance just so, so in If I Stay (2014). My fingers are crossed that The 5th Wave surprises me most pleasantly.

Live Schreiber, Maika Monroe, Ron Livingston, Maria Bello and Nick Robinson also star.

Release Dates: January 15th 2016 (U.S.), January 22nd 2016 ((U.K.)

Happy The 5th Wave 🙂