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SATAN & ADAM (2018): New Trailer For Documentary About Sterling ‘Mr. Satan’ Magee and Adam Gussow…

Satan & Adam (2018), Sterling Magee, Adam Gussaw, Ryot
Satan & Adam (2018), Sterling Magee, Adam Gussaw, Ryot

Directors Scott Balcerek and V. Scott Balcerek’s music documentary Satan and Adam is the story of one-man-band Sterling Magee, a.k.a ‘Mr. Satan’ and harmonica master Adam Gussow.

Showcasing the unifying power of music during a time in New York City when race relations were at an all-time-low, Magee and Gussow are the greatest blues duos you probably never got a chance to see…

I’m quite certain that music will be good and I’ll be moved. Mostly however, it’s the rather compelling mystery that has me most interested.

Satan & Adam Release Dates: April 12th, 2019 (US)…

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