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LENNOX – THE UNTOLD STORY (2020): New Trailer For Documentary About British Boxing’s World Heavy Weight Champion, Lennox Lewis…

Lennox - The Untold Story (2020), Lennox Lewis, Altitude Films
Lennox – The Untold Story (2020), Lennox Lewis, Altitude Films

Chronicling an incredible life and sporting career. Lennox – The Untold Story is a new documentary that offers an unprecedented look at the British boxer’s journey from troubled youth in West Ham, to the world heavyweight champion title.

Narrated by rap music’s celebrated producer Dr. Dre; Lennox – The Untold Story will feature unseen archive footage; interviews with Lewis, his family, closest friends, colleagues and boxing adversaries including Mike Tyson, Kellie Maloney, Emanuel Steward, Jim Lampley, Evander Holyfield and George Foreman.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love stories of greatness so of course I’d like to know more about Lewis. Even more so since back in 2016 Lewis was one of the pall bearers at the funeral of ‘the greatest of all time,’ Muhammad Ali.

On a different but related note, I actually thought that hearing a few classic quotes from the young ‘Iron Mike,’ Mike Tyson in this trailer was going to be the second and last thing to get me even more interested in this film. But then…! Something very unexpected started happening at a minute and 24 seconds in the above video. I knew I recognised the music but I didn’t know from where, at first. The Greatest Showman (2017) is what came to mind initially but it didn’t feel right. A few seconds pass and then, finally…!

Did you recognise the beautiful music right away? If not, the following words are the clue and the link destination has the answer: ‘Have courage, and be kind.

Lennox Lewis – The Untold Story Release Dates

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