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TRUST (2021): New Trailer Starring victoria Justice, Matthew Daddario, Lucien Laviscount, Katherine McNamara…

Truth (2021), Lucien Laviscount, Victoria Justice, Vertical Entertainment US
Truth (2021), Lucien Laviscount, Victoria Justice, Vertical Entertainment US

Victoria Justice, Katherine McNamara, Lucien Laviscount and Matthew Daddario star in Trust, a new drama about a New York gallery owner and her husband as they each face exceptional temptations.

Directed by Brian DeCubellis; additional key cast includes Martin Fisher, Ronny Chieng and Rosa Gilmore.

This is one of those instances when it’s the visuals of New York City that has me most interested in the movie. Firstly, I need to dine in the super-lit restaurant in this trailer. And second, this movie reminds me a lot of a film I’ve seen and loved before. It’s called Last Night (2010) and stars Kiera Knightly, Sam Worthington and Guillaume Carnet.

Lastly, I’m very much into the song playing throughout this trailer. Currently on a quest to find out who the artist is.

Valéry Lessard, Alexander Blaise and Tyler Herwick also star.

Trust Release Dates: March 12th, 2021 (US)…

Happy Film Loving


AMY (2015): Just The Right Kind Of Teaser Trailer

Amy (2015), Amy Winehouse
Amy (2015), Amy Winehouse

Amy is the Asif Kapadia directed documentary about the late Singer /Songwriter, Amy Winehouse and her tragic passing in 2011 at the 27.

Such a haunting trailer, very well edited and scored.

Another promising teaser that adds to the reasons why 2015 is one of the best years in film in a long time.

Happy Amy 🙂