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WOUNDS (2019): The Thing I Liked…

Wounds (2019), Armie Hammer
Wounds (2019), Armie Hammer

My favourite thing about the latest Dakota Johnson, Zazie Beetz and Armmie Hammer horror / mystery Wounds is how well writer / director  Babak Anvari captured the tension; especially in the first thirty minutes.

All about the the strange things that start happening to a bartender after he picks up a phone left at his bar, I found that things started to go wrong for me when Hammer’s character made / didn’t make a decision that seemed so obvious to me. And because the rest of the story hung ever so loosely on his character’s decision – one that I did not buy, the film simply lost me and my trust.

In light of this, the real main issue with Wounds is that it barely makes sense. By the very end, I decided that Anvari’s movie is based on a script that needed much more work. Yes, there are moments that were well written and acted but the glaring gaps in the script were simply that, far too glaring. 

If you’re a die-hard Hammer and Johnson fan, then sure give it a chance if you’re especially curious, and also if you don’t mind swarming bugs. I definitely watched the swarming bugs scenes through my fingers. Otherwise, it’s very much the tension in the first half of the film that’s most notable. 

Have you seen Wounds, the film with the ‘very appealing’ name? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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