ALOHA (2015): The Good & Bad Things

Aloha (2015), Bradley Cooper
Aloha (2015), Bradley Cooper

Just before I saw the trailer for Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper, I was very much on a high after watching his deservedly Best Actor, Oscar nominated performance in American Sniper (2014).

The Aloha trailer didn’t look terrible, though some of the dialogue didn’t sit as well as one would have liked. As I watched the movie a few months later, the unfortunate truth of the dialogue did come to be, because there I was cringing in parts.

I found the romance between Emma Stone’s character and Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) a tad forced and unconvincing. It didn’t help that Stone’s character was also rather annoying.

In director, Cameron Crowe’s efforts to capture the seemingly laid back pace of Hawaii, the pace of the movie suffered.

Aloha (2015), Danny McBride, Bradley Cooper
Aloha (2015), Danny McBride, Bradley Cooper

The few beautiful shots of Hawaii’s landscape in the beginning and all the scenes that feature Danny McBride are my favourite things. There were a few other good moments but not significant enough to make Aloha good or worth watching.

It’s all a big shame considering a very talented cast list that includes Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin.

Happy film loving. Now go and enjoy Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and / or Jerry Maguire (1996) 🙂


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